GreenAgri Solutions, LLC



GreenAgri, Solutions LLC.  is the exclusive distributor of Safe-Zone LOD products in North America, Central and South America, Europe as well as Middle East. 

GreenAgri Solutions, LLC is a manufacturing and marketing firm for chemicals used in finding solutions in the 21st Century for bacterial decontamination in water and waste-water treatment systems.

Our products are:

  • EPA Certified
  • NSF 60 Certified                                        
  • FDA Approved
  • GRAS Certified for Organic

With over 30 or more years in the industry, we offer over 100 different types of coagulants and flocculants to meet the new regulatory requirements. We specialize in developing treatment programs that can:

  • Prevent or Remove Struvite scale
  • Prevent or Remove Vivianite scale
  • Lower Dissolved Copper to less than 1 ppb
  • Lower Dissolved Zinc to less than 25 ppb
  • Provide an environmental safe polymer solvent
  • Bio-film elimination and prevention
  • Provide a cost effective method to treat wastewater contaminated with crude oil

Why us?

GreenAgri Solutions LLC,  is a  full-service provider of cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology. Our products and consulting services are internationally present in many different industries and applications. We are reaching out to our customers through our global network of distributors as well as our regional sales and manufacturing representatives in North, Central & South America & Europe. 

Today, GreenAgri Solutions, LLC. is moving forward in company and product development, in order to become the most trusted and innovative supplier of Water Management solutions, Bacteria  control, Organo-Clay & Food  Safety products in the industrial, residential, commercial & agricultural applications of

"Environmental Technologies".

GreenAgri Solutions is 100% committed to protecting the environment NOW and for generations to come.