GreenAgri Solutions, LLC

GreenAgri Solutions, LLC

Introducing SAFE-ZONE LOD

Safe Zone LOD is a Twenty-First Century hybrid of aqueous  ozone that helps control the cross contamination of bacteria and viruses on contact while eliminating the bio-film where the bacteria/virus are embedded for a totally bacteria free & bio-film free results giving you a complete pathogen controlled product, Organically at drinking water standards and non corrosive.


"Dr. Trevor Suslow with University of California @ Davis studies demonstrate the at 670 ORP (drinking water standards)

Safe Zone LOD kills Salmonella,  Listeria & E-Coli in 10 seconds or less."

GreenAgri Solutions, LLC is a consulting and marketing firm that specializes in bacteria control in water treatment used in the following industries

    Water/Waste-water Management & Equipment

    Oil, Gas, Refinery & Petrochemicals



    Food Processing

    Agriculture / Meat /Poultry /Seafood industry

    Post Harvest wash

    CIP /Cop (Clean in place)

    Food Safety & Decontamination 

    Agriculture foliage spray and irrigation application   


GreenAgri Solutions offers the following:

     -Coagulants and flocculants for water and waste-water  


     -NSF, FDA approved, CAS & GRAS recognized for organic,      

     - Food Safety Approved for Post-Harvest Wash.  

    - CIP (clean in place) applications     

    - Metal Removal

    - Low level dissolved copper and dissolved zinc

    - Struvite & Vivianite Control-removal and dispersion

    - Liquid Oxygen-Based Disinfection & Bio-film control

    - Organo-clay technology-difficult to treat waste-water

    - State of the art equipment and innovations



For more information, please contact us at 352-610-4808 or [email protected]

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